XenonX's Testimonial
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    XenonX's Testimonial

    Well i am gonna Be Honest with you.

    I have used the hack for 3 days and i only use it towards after hackers.

    But even on the servers where i used play for fun, they didn't even think i was hacking. if you just use a profile that seems Legit.

    as it the Private hacks is atm i am gonna keep recurring each 3rd days for a while till i am so sure that i aint gonna be banned. EVER.

    I know that there is always a chance that you will get banned but as Valve is working on counter-Strike : Online then i dont think they will update Vac for awhile and then these private hacks will remain un********.

    I can High Recommed these hacks for all who wanna seem Legit and still pwn or who just wanna pwned all with a Rage profile. as what i know it wont be ******** for somewhile

    if you are vista user you should consider to Deleted or totally Deactivate Norton or AVG as they Block the hack. (I mentioned this because its the most used Anti-virus programs world-wide)
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    Thanks for your testimony.

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    Counter Strike: online is just a MMO version is Source for Korea...they did it for CZ also.

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