So I've heard a lotta stuff about P7
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    So I've heard a lotta stuff about P7

    I heard it's a ****, the community sucks, people bitch at you/take away your VIP if you step out of line.

    Can someone be honest here? I don't want the bullshit "Yeah it's great, buy our VIP". I want the truth.

    I want you to tell me. Does the community suck? Will my VIP be taken away if I step out of line?

    The **** part is obviously not true because I have a friend who uses it.

    Like I said, I've just heard some bad things about P7. I'm not going to assume anything, I just wanna know.

    Also, *waves at psp4ever*.

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    I believe the community is just inactive, much more inactive than before it first started back in late 2007. It will be your opinion to think that the community is active, inactive, or just sucks. Everybody has their own opinion and my opinion is that it's just quite inactive nowadays.

    Yes, your V.I.P. will be taken away if you step out of line such as flaming our site, selling your V.I.P. account, spamming the forums, etc. All you need to do is just following the forum rules and you should be okay the whole time your subscription remains. These rules and agreements are very typical to any other rules you'll find on all other cheating sites for subscribers.

    That basically concludes my review upon your questions, no need to go any further I suppose? Welcome to

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    What are the detection rates like? When was the last VAC detection?

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