CafetonNinja's testimonial!
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    CafetonNinja's testimonial!

    Considering I don't live in a english speaking country, I will try to keep my testimonial as clear and concise as possible, do forgive for any mispellings and/or "bad grammar".

    I've subscribed to almost every site (the good ones, at least...) that offer online gaming hacks. From Enhanced Aim to ThisGameSux, and of course, Project-7. Given that all those sites, P7 included, offer a reliable and pretty decent service, the one I've subscribed for the longest time, and always kept as my first choice was P7. Why? Simply because P7 softare works best.

    The hack itself doesn't feel like a "beta" or incomplete like in some other sites. It has all the features a player needs, on an "easy-to-use" interface that could suit even the most demanding subscriber. Whether I want to play legit, or rage, the hack works like a charm. And finally, unlike software from other sites, I never had any issues with P7 hacks. Any information and/or support one could need could be easily searched and encountered on the forums, or quickly given by admins and moderators.

    I've tried to keep this unbiased as I could, and the bottom line is, Project-7 offers a great service on great prices. There are subscribitions available for only 10 dollars... And I can pretty much guarantee those who try it for only 10 days, are coming back for more!

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    Thank you for your testimonial!

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    i have to agree with this. great job.

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    i normally don't post on testimonial threads but thanks.

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