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    Looking for some people to help me get started with coding and scripting in general. Been on the computer for a while and my first interest was it's hardware. So i've been putting together and reverse engineering (breaking) them for a while. Now I wana get to know the other end of the spectrum. Software. Any links on C++, coding, tutorials, basics and tools on hacking and cracking that don't have little keyloggers built right in (God I hate expensive shit software companies..aka Microsoft and the like), and some advice as to not screw myself up when i'm still learning. Reading some books and tutorials on C++ and general..but that's no fun so someone to talk to and get some imput would be nice. Also links to some programs and tutorials on how to use them and other languages I should look into. Stage = novice/beginner/programming noob. Also, Nice site btw.
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    go to and search C++ books etc.

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    false part of forum here


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    Quote Originally Posted by Donut. View Post
    go to and search C++ books etc.
    Torrent Failz. is what u need.

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