Questions regarding TF2 hack
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    Questions regarding TF2 hack

    hey, few questions before I buy regarding the tf2 hack

    1. Is the TF2 hack currently updated/available to use?
    2. Does the aimbot have slow-aim/aim smoothing?
    3. Can you use the hack with CMN3?(cevo) --- If yes, do you have to turn off Visuals?
    4. Can you bind keys to the functions? OnPress/OnRelease? maybe?

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    The answer to the first question is no. The hack is not currently available because it is undergoing updates. The new HWID auth system hasn't been added to it yet, but it will be soon enough. As for the rest of your questions, I'm not able to answer them since I haven't used the hack :p

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    1. Being updated.
    2. Yes.
    3. Yes, aimbot only.
    4. No.

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