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    Any of the project 7 1.6 cheats with the vip lifetime?

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    We do not have 1.6 cheats at this time, but they are being developed.

  3. #3 does not currently support the Counter-Strike/Half Life architecture.

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    Drats =/
    Being developed? any idea on a release date?

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    And is lifetime 50 bucks exactly right now ?? OR taxed? And if its taxed what does it come to around?

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    Lifetime or any other subscriptions are not taxed, they are billed as the exact amount of currency they are listed as.

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    Okay thanks ;]

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    well right now, the main focus is the 9th version of the CSS hack, then it will be the hl2:ep2 engine hack (for tf2 and dod:s) and then it should be 1.6

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    9th version of the hack? with new features or it hasn't been updated?

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    The 9th version will have all bugs ironed out and some new features. :)

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