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    Pay with Paypal

    If i pay with Paypal - do it cost any foreignerprice?
    Because i life in Germany and the seller life somewhere other...
    cost it any more or just the 15$?

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    I assume it will cost the exchange rate.
    So it will cost 10.62 $ in euros for 15$ American, If that's what you're asking.

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    I know, that i must make $ in € but cost it more because of foreigner?
    Like i must type in google:
    "15$ in Euro" and than pay than xx,xx€?
    or must i add xx,xx€ because i pay to somebody in the foreign
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    It doesn't cost any extra.

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    ah its my credit card that have the foreignerpayment extras...
    where does the person have the ledger for the money?
    its realy to expensive for USA etc...
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    PayPal will automatically convert the currency at there daily exchange rate.
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    go to to see the exchange rate

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    Yes, but where does the person life that get the money for the hacks?

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    15 U.S. dollars = 10.4631696 Euros

    It will cost 10.45 Euros.

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    you dont understand me...
    if i buy something in germany with paypal it wont cost extra..
    but if the person is a foreigner it will do!
    and i want know where he / she life because of i want to know how much it extra cost...

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