Testimony w/ Screenshot
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    Testimony w/ Screenshot

    1 Word for the people who don't feel like reading: Amazing.

    First day using P7 VIP. It is 99 percent accurate, amazing. I Can Jump off a 20 story building and get a head shot still, no joke. This is well worth the money, I'm possibly considering Lifetime after my 2 months are up. Plenty of features in this hack that most public hacks don't have.

    Human aim for example: Combined with Field of Vision at a low degree makes you less obvious, and makes 1 deags look like cake walks.

    Global settings: Makes it easier for you to turn off a Selection of hacks such as Visual's and ESP's at a touch of a button.

    Panic Menu: If you're hard core aimbotting and a admin waltz into the server you can use this nifty little Item

    To everyone out there. This is the hack to get. I was thinking of buying Organner's but that's way too expensive only extra thing you're buying is a Kernel Mode hack, when updates are just as good, also you can purchase a lifetime here.

    My first rage:

    Thanks P7 team


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    Nice testimonial, thanks.

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    great testimonial! Have fun with the hack.

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    Haha, nice score and testimonial

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    Thank you for your testimonial.

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    Thanks for your testimonial, greatly appreciated with the screenshot.

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    Appreciate the testimonial.

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