Payment question
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    Payment question

    Is it possible to pay without using a credit card? I donīt have one and wonīt buy one.
    How are the prizes in euro?
    And what does it mean that you are subscribing for a period of time. Is that the time I can use the restricted subscribers only forum or will the hack screw up after the bought time period?
    Sorry for my bad english but itīs not easy to write in a language I never really learnd. xD

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    hello notlol.
    yes you can pay without using credit card.
    just send the money to your paypal account, and then you send it to the admins paypal account
    (sending from bank to paypal account, then from paypal account to admin)

    the prices in euro,
    one euro is 1.469 USD so now you can think about it

    and the time,
    it like when you buy the hack for one week, you cant use it after this time.
    if the week is over, you cant use the hack anymore, and you havnt got access to the customers section in the forum

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    Ok, never thought about that option. :D

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