Last minute questions.
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    Last minute questions.

    I have my $74.99 in my paypal account and i'm on the order page. Then i saw that it was US and of course it is. I live in Australia. I was just wondering if there was an disadvantages of not living in the US? do i get everything i would if i was in the US?


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    The subscription has nothing to do with your nationality; you pay for the hack, and you get the whole package, compatible everywhere.

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    $75AUD is only about $65USD if that's what you mean.

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    Whatever it is your country, the coin will be converted to dollars, being in US, or in Kazakhstan, you will pay the same.

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    ah k thnx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toonblue View Post
    $75AUD is only about $65USD if that's what you mean.
    74.99 USD


    84.3439 AUD

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    74.99 USD = 50.93 €


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