Three Hundred Thousand!
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    Three Hundred Thousand!

    We've finally reached the milestone of 300K posts after being officially online for just over two and a half years.

    The road has been long and hard and throughout many scandals, DDoS attacks and numerous other problems we have encountered over the time we have been in business we have remained amongst the top cheating sites in the industry.

    I would like to thank all subscribers, Community Contributors and Moderators for staying with the site through the good and bad times :) Hopefully we will be up for a lot longer.

    There will be a V.I.P. sale for the next 7 or so days giving any of you a chance to snatch up a lifetime subscription for the mere fee of 53.99$ This is probably the cheapest you can get our hacks anytime this year so I suggest you buy now!

    I've updated our webserver to the newest 4.0.11-ent LiteSpeed version also, I'm also contemplating upgrading vBulletin to the newest version however all I see is a barrage of useless features which will be unused.

    Elijah has been promoted to Super Moderator please wish him well, I noticed he has been helping out a lot lately and he was previously a Super Moderator so I figured why not?

    We had an inbound attack against the web server last night which was dealt with rather swiftly, upon investigation the attack seems to be from members of EA and the appropriate retaliation has been issued.
    How To Contact Me@[b/]

    Private Message me for any important issues or just say Hi :) I'm not a robot.

    ---- (No Support!) ----
    Wanna Hang out ? Add me or Join my communities below:

    Add be on Discord : dr0ps25#7946 ;-)
    or Join Our Community Server :
    dr0ps Project-7 Telegram Community Chat:

    ---- (24/7 Customer Support) ----

    Private Message
    Email: " support 'at' Project-7. 'net' "

    Create Support Ticket on Discord!
    Discord Server:

    Would you like to work in the cheating industry ? Project-7 is hiring a varient of new employees. We're currently in requisite of quite a few talents to add into the relaunched company now that we have a more professional and precise structure in place to provide real paid work for anyone willing to help our team grow:[/b]

    We're currently looking for multiple types of forum moderators and content creators/posters, we're offering quite a few paid positions for you to just talk about cheats on the community!

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    Good job and grats homeboyz!

    Get that VIP while it is so cheap nigguz!

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    Hey, you!

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    Congratz everybody
    P7's still the best.

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    Good to see that P7 rapes it's competitors.

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    gratz! we win!

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    no i win :p
    Good job boyyysss rifk and iam here since 2years and 3month....
    Last edited by Fraktal; 24th October 2009 at 06:19.
    For any help & requests or to discuss current discounts, you can contact me on Skype.

    Skype: P7FRAKTAL

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    Fucking winnahs!!! P7 raping all competition. pitty i bought VIP 1 week ago for full price. but the way i see it thats still dirt cheap.

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    Long live P7!
    nigga stole my sig

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    lal i just remembered now about HoH (House of hacks)
    that was too a good site my first known cheat site as i was a noobi cheater :D

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