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    Hey there
    im thinking about a subscription...but b4 i do that, does any1 have macros/maphacks/small exploits for that game? On EU there are several *prooved* cheaters with ALSO an nofog/maphack

    i feel like i searched the whole ********* for nofog/maphack
    the only thing i found is a CV macro but i indeed want more :D

    So if you have anything above i would pay for subscription and then be glad to get something awsome :)

    Greetz slash

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    We currently only support Counterstrike source game cheats bro.

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    Slashjimi as a fellow NavyField player, your really rather stupid ... What do you want the cheats for ? The game is easy enough as it is ... Go get some skill instead ... It's a 2D game for christ sake ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyFish View Post
    It's a 2D game for christ sake ...
    I did some research, map hacks are possible. I didnt find any, im sure you could have a deeper look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haxor_ View Post
    have a deeper look.
    how much deeper

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    Quote Originally Posted by drugs View Post
    how much deeper

    Much deeper than Atlantis

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    Lol there certainly are cheats, and they have no acual anticheat service if i remember right ... But you can't really use it for anything because eventualy you'll be found out ... There are always people who are friendly with some of the admins, and they record all the battles ..

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    yeah well but atleast i want a proof of thoose cheats or atleast some BattleMacros... no one else have informations?
    There are a lot macro user on the American and chinese user...but they dont wanna tell me about it "o'rly" :D

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