just bought vip
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Thread: just bought vip

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    just bought vip

    Just got p7 VIP, I posted my Hardware ID and length on hardware section. bought 6 months, I will pm you brian

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    Welcome to P7! Hope you enjoy the hacking community.

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    How long does it usally take to get the Hardware in the system so I can actually start to hack?

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    at MOST 2 days, and that's when all the admins/smods aren't even getting on. They are pretty active, so it's usually less than 24 hours.

    also, welcome to VIP :)

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    only took my HWID like 2 hours to get added

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    I'm constantly on and adding id's.
    If you see me on the hwid thread will normally have been added, sometimes i may forgot to delete the post straight away.

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    welcome to p7 mate.

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    Thank You :)

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    I bought VIP but the hack doesnt inject and my HWID has been added

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