esea proof for good?
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    esea proof for good?

    Sooo i just wanna be 100000% sure that this won't get esea ******** because im planning on purchasing either 1 month @ a time or 6 months at once cus its cheaper. But i neeed to know for certain it won't get ******** or else it'll be a waste of money for me.

    Thank you!


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    I guess is not ESEA proof? Someone please confirm?
    If it's not ESEA proof, any coders workinf on it to make it fool proof?

    Purchasing soon!

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    yes its esea proof.

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    Our software is un******** from ESEA and many other anticheats.
    See this thread,

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    Yeah people have used it on esea before and it works fine with no problem.

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    I do not play on ESEA so I myself do not know if it is or is not, but I have seen posts about people using it on ESEA (recently without bans).

    Quote Originally Posted by evilpickles View Post
    Yep.. I play ESEA using p7 legit configs, only aimbot with a high smooth aim though, no visuals because they take screenshots and demos so if the screenshots dont get you, the demos will so thats why you must be careful as well with aimbot.
    I can hook you up with you my legit config if you need it, just pm me.
    29th of December
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