Before purchasing VIP i just wanna know
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    Before purchasing VIP i just wanna know

    1.) is the vip 100% VAC2 proof? and you'll be told me theres any updates on it

    2.) I'm on windows xp sp3, do i have to download anything speficic or uninstall anything in order to get the hack to work/inject? Because the other private hack i purhcased before i had to do a whole bunch of installs and uninstalls just to get it to work, and in the end the hack doesnt even inject. So im just wondering if p7 is more simple?

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    Our software is 100% VAC2 proof and bypasses many other anticheats.
    The hack gets updated it will be added to the download page and you can get the new version.
    Our hack will work fine on windows xp, If you do have ANY problems with it our support will be able to assist you.

    Basically you run our hwid generator then post it, we add your hardware id then you can use the hack straight away.

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    skyy84, add warthiz on xFire "me" And once you've brought VIP I'll help you.

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    alright thanks alot

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyy84 View Post
    alright thanks alot
    any problem's you may need help with setting ur hwid up. or even hacks anything mate, feel free to pm me or add my msn,

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    You can also contact me at:

    Its my Messenger. also make sure you mention its you in the invite otherwise I might just ignore it.

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