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    Tired of rage? HERE IS SOME LEGIT STUFF

    I've so far nearly only seen rage configs, so I'm gonna post some legit stuff.. Look closely and see that I'm in a clan using Legit cheats without them having a clue.

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    not bad but u can do a lot better :-p
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    Seems like the guy on T is owning you.

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    I was just joining the map played about 3 rounds. :P I can do alot better the map changed and i forgot to take a picture of my 41-5 score :P There'll be more comming up

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    Holy shit, your good.

    Nice babe in sig :p

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    For 3 rounds ;p

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    Hehe. Its Low-style's high res Quick Config - Using his Menu.txt which is working really good.

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    Sorry for Double Posting but new pictures are up!

    There'll be some PCW/Clan war pictures up soon!

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    legit is so boring i rather rage:) but nice scores mate

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    Thanks here is a new one :P

    I'm using Low-style's legit CFG

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