Aimbots looking like real aim?
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    Aimbots looking like real aim?

    Hey guys, I just bought VIP for 6 months (still waiting for payment to go out) and have a question but wasn't sure where to post, so forgive me if I didn't post in the correct place.

    I was wondering if VIP can look like a real person's aim and if so what settings would be used to achieve this? Any tips/tricks on how to stay less-suspicious would be greatly appreciated.

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    Its called legit aim....
    There's many custom configs for it that are very legit.
    Many VIP's play in leagues as the hacks are league anticheat proof.

    Find them here (vips only)

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    as Mike said go here once you have Subscriber under your name.
    any problems with anything PM ME. check my profile for contact info as well.

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    yep...just copy what i say.

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    What I used when ever I would play 'legit' would be something like aim FOV 1.5 aim smooth 1.7 to 2.2 depending on what weapon and aim bone 13
    Keep in mind you still need some skill for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_ View Post
    yep...just copy what i say.
    he always just repeats what people say when he isint the first person to post.

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