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    League Questions

    so no screenshot cleaners for league playing?

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    just dont use visuals ^

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    Quote Originally Posted by dev0ur View Post
    so no screenshot cleaners for league playing?
    As far as I am aware the software does not contain "screenshot cleaners" as Leevilla said, just use no visuals in some servers that have different anti-cheats (eg leagues) With some server side anti-cheats you need to edit some variables. (Can be done very simply by opening a configuration file (.cfg) in notepad and changing the number "1" to "0")
    For a list of leagues you can cheat on click here
    To purchase VIP click here
    Testimonials can be found here
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    lol so there will be no ss cleaners? not even planned to make?

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    Not sure about future plans i know Slab is Revamping the whole cheat in itself, so i wouldnt rule it out tbh, but we will have to wait to see :)

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