was bored so heres some rage
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    was bored so heres some rage


    will post more soon, my game crashed half way through ragin :(

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    bad fps

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    Nicely done! Thanks for the testimonial, I look forward to seeing more screenshots.

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    yeh fps sucks on my comp :(

    p7 aimbot is just rape rape rape :)

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    heres some more, low fps and the hack crashing my steam is limtiting my rage, but still fun.


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    Looking at them is making me want to go get more. I wish I knew a decent Aus/NZ deathmatch server that didn't have a cap on how many kills you can get.
    Take a screenshot of like 500-0 = win.

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    yeh that would be cool

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    Not bad. Copying me name ayy?:)

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