how did u guys start learning?
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    how did u guys start learning?

    i wanna start learning
    i downloaded some guides
    like C++ for dummies
    as i got more into it
    i got a couple of stuff:
    1. u gotta define what program you're gonna make before u even start coding it in the developer envoirment
    2. compiling same stuff in diffrent MVS versions can give errors
    RH base works perfect in MVS 2003, but generates errors in 2005

    now if u can
    help me a little
    how did u start learning
    with what compiler did u start learning?
    did u take a course/teacher etc or by web guides?

    thx in advance :D


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    oh cmon guys >.<

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    anyway u can be more specific?
    i'll appreciate it =]

    (i mean, what web guides, what books, etc)
    how did u come up with the idea of learning c++

    u get my point

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    first learn the basics of c++, ints, bools, voids, if statements etc etc

    then start with a simple basehook and try and do somthing simple.
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    well i started learning c++ yesterday by a book on the internet
    thx for the help =]
    <3 u guys

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    yh i learning cpp but i dont sleep very much so i forget it like 1 second later

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    Quote Originally Posted by minitureman View Post
    yh i learning cpp but i dont sleep very much so i forget it like 1 second later
    if you learn it good, than you dont forget it ;)

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    i signed up for a Java course..
    how much time does it take (if i learn it pretty seriously) to really understand it, and maybe right my OWN basehook (maybe in java?)
    thx in advance =]
    though java is alittle slow so aimbot wont be really efficient

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