Low-Style & Leevilla RAGE!
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    Low-Style & Leevilla RAGE!

    Hi guys

    Today me and leevilla decided to go raging so i thought i would take a screeny before i left!

    here is the result (i am using my Rage config + Anti-Aim to dodge the 2 hackers in T
    also Spawn Protection was enabled 50% of the deaths was caused by lag and the rest was Anti Spawn protection or reload!

    Download my configs if you purchase the VIP ;)

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    Looks good! I find with spawn protection if you set the aimbot not to aim at them it decreases your deaths dramatically.

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    yeah if you're raging in a dm always use anti-spawn protection

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    this was my screen of our rage last night, i had severe severe lag :( isp problems but on that not i still didnt do as good as i should have, but lowstyles hvh config and rage configs r nice :)
    we need aimbot aiming at unnconnecteds atm it doesnt do it

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    i was using anti spawn prot :)

    even tho if ur using my configs you will need to set it manually :D

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    heres some more from me shit fps tho, but still done ok.

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    nice :)

    i'm fuckin considering changing to lowest res and lowest gfx settings lol i'd gt about 80-100 fps with hack injected i think.

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    I played with the vip hack long time ago, allways with shitty fps. Pwning ESL niggers. No matter what fps or other circumstances.

    Never accused on ESL either. Old days, good days.

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