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    VIP DODS and TF2

    So Does It Work With DODS and TF2?

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    I know it is supposed to work for them, but idk if they do as of right now. If not i am sure it will work in the near future.

    Wait for someone else's response tho...i can be wrong.

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    It does, but currently only nospead for those games, we are working on our new features.

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    Yeah I tested the tf2 hack and the no spread does work, just not in the way you might think. I was hoping it'd actually bring any pellet spread ie: shotgun to a central point where the crosshair is. After much testing and thinking that it just didn't work, I realized that the spread was just consistent in its spread pattern. The shotguns spread would be the same spread pattern over and over again. Unfortunately this doesn't do much more damage than any other random spread. I don't think anyways. The two weapons that I did notice it useful for are the heavys minigun (it rapes with its current static spread pattern) and the ambassador for the spy. The ambassador can be shot like the revolver at a fast pace and you don't have to worry about it's accuracy because the nospread seems to make it be dead on no matter if you're firing rapidly, moving, jumping, etc.

    Hopefully we get to see an absolute 0 spread pattern implemented. This would make any class with a shotgun do MUCH more damage at farther distances.

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    New features are being developed.
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