what do i get?

Thread: what do i get?

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    what do i get?

    what do i get if ill buy sub? and how am i getitng this hack? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzRupdHAW5A i think i am in love with the hack :D

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    Purchasing this subscription access plan allows you to see private forums!
    This subscription covers software for:

    Counter-Strike: Source
    Day of Defeat: Source
    Team Fortress 2
    CoD 6: Modern Warfare 2
    CoD 4: Modern Warfare

    The hack is avalible for download in private forums when you purchase VIP. The Cs:S VIP has been made way better since the video you posted.

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    There is also a lot of private things released by VIP members in the private lounge which is quite nice.

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    Please note that the CSS and MW2 cheats are the only fully functioning ones at the moment, the others are still being worked on.
    Not only do you get access to the cheats but you get access to a great community, always there to help you anyway we can.
    Have a look at some of the customer testimonials. - http://project-7.net/forum/forumdisp...r-Testimonials

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    The VIP is well worth it.

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