My card was declined?
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    My card was declined?

    I just paid a friend 30$ using my card and now I try to buy VIP & it's declined? :S

    Any help, or am I just screwed?

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    What type of card/Account is it?

    Visa Debit? They use your savings balance..
    Prepaid visa? they have a set amount on them.
    If its just a normal credit card then maybe you're gone over.

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    MasterCard Debt w/ plenty of money in it :S

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    just send me the credit card numbers and all the details and il rob the money off you and give you vip ;) JOKING.
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    Strange problem then.
    Try contacting your bank or PM fumin.

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    Contact your cards supplier and if they don't know what is wrong then contact Google Checkout.

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