Iv'e Paid,And...
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    Iv'e Paid,And...

    Iv'e Paid and done the hardware id thing, now what?, sorry, im new here and dont know anything about these forums

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    Now you just have to wait until your post is deleted from the HWID thread and download the hack. They're in the process of adding your HWID right now, that's all. Go read a book or something if you get bored.
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    Ok, Thanks, Pm me your steamname we will play together, i have css mw2 etc :).

    Might aswell use the vip hacks on my main acc if theres a low chance in getting vac banned. the most common way i think is people reporting and recording.

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    You can't report hackers to Valve, atleast I'm pretty sure you can't. My steam name is BIGBANG_Graham.

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    You can report hackers on mw2, if you go to there profile. there is a report button

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    They don't get VAC bans for this. I would suggest you use it on a spare account. You can get cheap accounts from the Trade Market. Personally, if you were to use an account from the Trade Market I would recommend Prowler. If you cheat on your main account you lose a lot of money invested into it if you by chance get a ban. I'm going to close this thread, for future help with the cheats please post in the support section in the subscriber forums.

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