Project-7 Legit Mode?
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    Project-7 Legit Mode?

    Is there a legit mode included in the hack? Or is it just a blatant/rage hack?

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    The cheat is fully customizable.
    There any many pre made legit user configs or you can create your own so suit your play style/pc.
    Basically. Yes, there is a legit mode and many legit features.

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    The best legit configuration is the one you make yourself. If you purchase VIP and need a hand, send me a message and I will give you a few pointers.

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    Alright. Cool.

    So $50.34 for 3 years? Very cheap compared to other companies...

    Hm... I am scared of getting VAC banned though. >.<

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    Once I get $51 to pay for three years, I will buy. I am actually selling my account that has $170 worth of games on it for $60 right now so I can buy the hack. xP Anyone interested?

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