Project-7 MW2 Cheating Software
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    Project-7 MW2 Cheating Software

    Cheat Software Details

    * Status :: Un********
    * Version :: 1.95

    Pricing (No Hidden Fees!)

    * 1 Month :: 9.13 GBP
    * 3 Months :: 16.92 GBP
    * 6 Months :: 24.72 GBP
    * 3 Years :: 39.88 GBP


    * Modern Warfare 2
    * Microsoft Windows XP :: 32/64-bit & Service Pack 1/2/3
    * Microsoft Windows Vista :: 32/64-bit & Service Pack 1/2
    * Microsoft Windows 7


    * Anti-Leak :: Prevents sharing from unauthorized user
    * Secure protection from Valve Anti-Cheat 2 System
    * Other Public Third Party Anti-Cheats

    General Features

    * Enhanced Vector Aimbot System :: Fastest accurate aimbot available using vector calculations
    * Enhanced Bone Aimbot System :: Fastest accurate aimbot available using bone matrix calculations
    * Aimbot Activation Binds* :: Select a virtual key that activates aimbot
    * Field of Vision Targeting* :: Aimbot selects targets using Field of Vision Targeting
    * Distance Targeting* :: Aimbot selects targets using Distance Targeting
    * Auto Aim :: Automatically aims at the targets
    * Auto Attack* :: Automatically attacks at the targets
    * Auto Wall* :: Automatically shoot targets through objects
    * Triggerbot :: Automatically shoot targets when crosshair is over the target
    * Triggerbot Activation* :: Triggerbot is active by Mouse <#> or Always
    * Triggerbot Delay Timing* :: Forces the Triggerbot to delay itself
    * FPS Prediction :: Advanced frames per second prediction for accurate aiming
    * FPS Correction :: Advanced frames per second correction to increase performance
    * Latency Prediction :: Advanced latency prediction for acccurate aiming
    * Anti-Spawn Protection :: Forces the aimbot to not aim at players with over 125 HP
    * No Spread Corrections :: Perfectly removes spread from guns
    * No Recoil Corrections :: Perfectly removes recoil from guns
    * Speed Hack* :: Increases your movement speed
    * Radar Byte-patching* :: Draws all players position and health on the mini-map/radar
    * Remove Flash/Stun Effect* :: Removes the effects
    * XQZ Wall-hack :: Draws players' model through objects
    * Name ESP :: Draws targets' name
    * Health Bar ESP :: Draws targets health in a bar
    * Health Text ESP :: Draws targets' health by text
    * Box ESP :: Draws a box around targets
    * Weapon ESP :: Display targets' weapon
    * Distance ESP :: Shows the distance between the user and targets
    * Optical ESP :: Draws optical items around players
    * Crosshair Check :: ESP only changes color when crosshair is over target
    * Visibility Check :: ESP changes color upon visibility
    * Anti Aim* :: Fully adjustable anti-aim/viewangle modifications
    * Spinbot* :: Fully adjustable spinbot/viewangle modifications
    * Round Say :: Automactially say specified items at the start of each round
    * Auto Pistol :: Shoots pistols without jamming and like rifles
    * Global Drawing Switches :: Globally disable drawing features
    * Global ESP Switches :: Globally disable ESP features
    * Global Client-hooking Switches :: Globally disable client-hooking features
    * Global Material System Switches :: Globally disable material system features
    * Preset Cheat Configurations :: Preset configurations
    * Fully Customizable Cheat Menu :: Fully adjustable menu by position, width, and text
    * Start-up Configuration :: Easily transport and displace cheat configurations
    * Auto-exec Configuration :: Automatically execute console commands/variables
    * 24/7 Live Support :: 24/7 live-support by forum and instant messaging!

    Cheat Software Footage

    To Purchase The Exclusive Forum Access with PayPal, Click Here!

    All images, posts and content are copyright of their respective owners. With * we marked features that are yet to come.

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    Sick Videos :p but at the start at the last it says anit it ;p?

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    Quote Originally Posted by qua112 View Post
    Sick Videos :p but at the start at the last it says anit it ;p?
    Do you mean at the beginning?
    In that case they all say, don't they?
    Or am I blind :P

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    Where is fumin? why he can't sale me p7 css vip for 3 years?? or can someone do it?

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    Jul 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by Hellhound View Post
    doomr4zr , u fucking liar , p7 mw2 hack doesn't have such Features. Anti Aim , Radar patching ? Are you mentoaly retarded or whut? Anti Spawn Protection ?? LoL , mw2 doesn't even have a spawn protection.

    And btw , this counts as Lieing/****ming.
    Hellhound, he got features mixed up between MW2 and CSS.

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    how do you get it after u pay for the vip had the vip weekend version was awsome thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by july1300 View Post
    how do you get it after u pay for the vip had the vip weekend version was awsome thank you
    If u pay with paypal u get instant access, and u can download it just like the "weekend version".

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    i used the google checkout for some reason the paypal wasnt working what is this one called there is so many of them lol or does it need to be un hidden

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