C/C++/C# Tutorial List
This list is a listing of C, C++, and C# code for certain common programs, functions etc. this list is organized by skill level and then alphabetically.


C# Beginners Tutorial (C#)A very good start for any newcomers to C#. Does the basic Hello World and all that good stuff.
By: Brinuz

C++ Hackers Library v4.0 Well this is just a bunch of classes generally made to do silly little tricks. Really it is is some wrapped windows functions of console commands. And they really aren't wrapped that well anyway. It comes with a lil instructional video. Someone may have fun playing around with it.
By: scriptkiddy

Beginner's Guide for the Clueless - A Hacker's explanation of C++ really is. Going into some brief detail down too the machine level compilation of C++. Gives the novice hacker a brief glimpse in through the hackers eye of C++.
By: Arhk

Art of Trainer Making The most well explained guide to creating a trianer in C++ I ever had the pleasure of reading. A good guide for any newcomer to C++ who would like to create their own trainer with a lot more versatility the trainer making programs can give.
By: Anonymous (which I knew who this was, but thanks whoever u are)

Intermediary (includes DirectX and Windows Concepts)

Proper use of GetAsyncKeyState - A tutorial that explains some techniques on how to use GetAsyncKeyState correctly and clears up some common misconceptions.
By: why06

Assualt Cube Hack Tutorials A huge tutorial that explains how code some advanced assault cube hacks by recompiling the source code with these changes. All is needed is some basic C++. Good practice game. This tutorial includes 8 different example hacks. One of the most in depth guides on hacking assault cube on the web.
By: Hell_Demon

Source Engine Console Hooking Tutorial A very well explained tutorial on how to hook the console of a popular game engine using the Source SDK.
By: Hell_Demon

Anti Flash in Olly Debug
The Continuation of HD's source hooking guide. Explains how to find some functions like the one that controls being flashed and disable it.
By: Hell_Demon

Global Keyboard Hook(this link isn't working) - this a little code snippet that explains how to create a Global Keyboard Hook. It might come in handy since many people are always asking how to create hooks like this. The is not working you will have to replace the 3 missing letter in the link "***" with "d(hyphen)h" "hyphen" is "-"
By: B1ackAnge1

Console Hack Tutorial - A very in-depth tutorials with source example demonstrating how to read and write memory. It also goes over some things like gaining the handle of a target process through the window name and process name.
By: Erinador

Hooking members of IDirect3DDevice9 - A bit of well annotated code that clearly demonstrates how to hook members of D3D9 via a vtable and a Device pointer.
By: Davidm44

Advanced (includes advanced Windows Concepts and Reversing/ Logging techniques possibly inline asm)

cAddressTable cAddressTable is a class that enables you to search the IAT, and EAT for exports and imports, or replace them. Requires a decent understanding of PE headers, export tables, and import tables. As long as the import table isn't wiped clean or packed Jeta assures us that this should find it easily enough.
By: Jetamay

cBreakpoint This breakpoint class requires knowledge of vectored exception handlers, Hardware breakpoints, and Jeta recommends the first eight pages of the Intel Developers Manual Volume 3 as well. Also a basic understanding of bits and bitwise operators in C++, intermediate C++ knowledge, and an understanding of how the windows paging system and multi-threading system works. I don't fully understand it as of yet, but breakpoints are used to stop the execution of code. Usually this is done by a debugger I beleive using this class you have much versatility to where you can set breakpoints. Possibly even in the threads of other applications.
By: Jetamay