Heroes of Newerth Camera Patch (1.0.6+)
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    Heroes of Newerth Camera Patch (1.0.6+)

    Coded by NASA OUTPOST 14

    00 40 1C "xxx"
    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <string>
    #include <Windows.h>
    using namespace std;
    #define CamZoom_Value 2500
    #include <tlhelp32.h>
    HMODULE GetRemoteModuleHandle(unsigned long pId, char *module)
       MODULEENTRY32 modEntry;
       HANDLE tlh = CreateToolhelp32Snapshot(TH32CS_SNAPMODULE, pId);
       modEntry.dwSize = sizeof(MODULEENTRY32);
        Module32First(tlh, &modEntry);
          if(!stricmp(modEntry.szModule, module))
             return modEntry.hModule;
          modEntry.dwSize = sizeof(MODULEENTRY32);
       while(Module32Next(tlh, &modEntry));
       return NULL;
    float outPut = CamZoom_Value; 
    HWND hwnd;
    HANDLE hdc;
    DWORD pid;
    HANDLE process;
    //00 40 1C "xxx"
    int __stdcall WinMain(HINSTANCE__* hinst, HINSTANCE__* previnst, char* cmd, int cmds)
        while(!(hwnd = FindWindow(NULL,"Heroes of Newerth")))
        while(!(hdc = GetWindowDC(hwnd)))
        while(!(process = OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS,false,pid)))
        DWORD dwZoomPtr = 0x2D287C;
        DWORD remoteModuleBase = (DWORD)GetRemoteModuleHandle(pid,"game_shared.dll");
        char sPrint[265];
        sprintf(sPrint,"game_shared.dll: 0x&#37;X - Zoom Ptr: 0x%X",remoteModuleBase,((DWORD)remoteModuleBase+(DWORD)dwZoomPtr));
        WriteProcessMemory(process,(PVOID)(remoteModuleBase + dwZoomPtr),&outPut,4,NULL); 
        ::MessageBoxA(0,sPrint,"visit Project-7.net for the latest version after every update",0);
        return 0;

    To find the offset:

    Zoom in as far as you can
    search for float 1650.0000
    about 5 addresses in game_shared.dll should show up, one of them is the max zoom.
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    big m3n release big hacks

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