Simple Memory Hack v4.0
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    Simple Memory Hack v4.0

    Author: Laurynas

    Source code of Counter-Strike 1.6 hack "SMH (Simple Memory Hack) v4.0" (Coded in Visual Basic 6.0)
    SMH (Simple Memory Hack) v4.0 by Laurynas

    This is just a simple memory hack for Counter-Strike 1.6
    This hack is compatible with OpenGL and D3D video mode.
    All hack features and settings can be managed via Settings.ini file.
    Because it is memory hack you can use it with other hacks at the same time (in this case some futures may not work or work but not properly!).
    You can use it with sXe Injected (in this case some futures may not work or work but not properly!).
    Also it is proof for HLGuard, Cheating-Death and for some other anti-cheats.

    Note: This hack doesn't have visual menu!

    How to use:
    If you want you can cange settings in the Settings.ini file.

    Method 1
    1. Start SMH
    2. Start CS

    Method 2
    1. Start CS
    2. Start SMH

    Note: This hack doesn't have to inject!

    - AntiRecoil (When the gun is shooting, it will slowly moves the crosshair down and compensate some recoil.)
    - BunnyHop (Auto jumping.)
    - DisableBind (It will disable bind command so AMX scripts will be unable to bind keys.)
    - NightVision (You don't have to buy night vision goggles, you can switch on night vision whatever you want.)
    - NoSmoke (Removes the smoke produced by a smokegrenade.)
    - TriggerBot (When your crosshair goes onto an enemy your weapon will automatically start shooting.)

    If you want you can re-post this on other websites, as long as you post the full Readme.txt file with it. Please respect my wishes.

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    Wicked sick, a 1.6 hack that works.

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    what be this

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    ok tyy !!!!

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    Thanks for this. could help some

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    hmm unhide

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    Cool man, let's see if this works

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    oki thx

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