Difference between public & private.
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    Difference between public & private.

    Hey all, I'm new to your forums.

    Was just inquiring, what's the main factors of difference between public & private cs:s hacks?
    If there isn't any, that's cool.

    Thanks in advance,

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    1. The Private hack are un******** and are updated often so it stays un********.
    2. Private have some features more than public.
    3. So i highly recommend to purchase the private hack.

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    Lol, why would you have to pay for the same thing, of course it has extra features and a higher chance of not being banned. The private hack is usually updated weekly and new features are still being added. However the public cheat has limited features and will get ******** sooner or later.

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    The private cheat does get ******** from time to time but it is unlikely for you to receive a VAC(Valve Anti-Cheat) ban from using it, although there is always a possibility. It is a lot more likely for you to be banned from the public version than the private. Pretty much, the private version is a lot better than the public version, feature and detection wise.
    Purchase Project-7 VIP.

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    Thanks heaps, working perfectly. Thanks a bunch :]


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    simple answer , Private has more features and isn't publicly available for vac to get their hands on

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