Css Engine/Client Hooking
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    Css Engine/Client Hooking

    struct cl_enginefuncs_s
        int                        (APIENTRY *GetIntersectingSurfaces)(const model_t *model, const Vector &vCenter, const float radius, const bool bOnlyVisibleSurfaces, SurfInfo *pInfos, const int nMaxInfos);
        Vector                    (APIENTRY *GetLightForPoint)(const Vector &pos, bool bClamp);
        IMaterial*                (APIENTRY *TraceLineMaterialAndLighting)(const Vector &start, const Vector &end, Vector &diffuseLightColor, Vector& baseColor);
        const char*                (APIENTRY *ParseFile)( const char *data, char *token, int maxlen);
        bool                    (APIENTRY *CopyFile)( const char *source, const char *destination);
        void                    (APIENTRY *GetScreenSize)(int& width, int& height);    
        void                    (APIENTRY *ServerCmd)(const char *szCmdString, bool bReliable);
        void                    (APIENTRY *ClientCmd)(const char *szCmdString);
        bool                    (APIENTRY *GetPlayerInfo)(int ent_num, player_info_t *pinfo);
        int                        (APIENTRY *GetPlayerForUserID)(int userID);
        client_textmessage_t*    (APIENTRY *TextMessageGet)(const char *pName);
        bool                    (APIENTRY *Con_IsVisible)(void);
        int                        (APIENTRY *GetLocalPlayer)(void);
        const model_t*            (APIENTRY *LoadModel)(const char *pName, bool bProp);
        float                    (APIENTRY *Time)(void); 
        float                    (APIENTRY *GetLastTimeStamp)(void);
        CSentence*                (APIENTRY *GetSentence)(CAudioSource *pAudioSource);    
        float                    (APIENTRY *GetSentenceLength)(CAudioSource *pAudioSource);
        bool                    (APIENTRY *IsStreaming)(CAudioSource *pAudioSource);
        void                    (APIENTRY *GetViewAngles)(QAngle& va);    
        void                    (APIENTRY *SetViewAngles)(QAngle& va);    
        int                     (APIENTRY *GetMaxClients)(void);
        void                     (APIENTRY *Key_Event)(int key, int down);
        const char*                (APIENTRY *Key_LookupBinding)(const char *pBinding);    
        void                     (APIENTRY *StartKeyTrapMode)(void);
        bool                     (APIENTRY *CheckDoneKeyTrapping)(int &buttons, int &key);
        bool                     (APIENTRY *IsInGame)(void);    
        bool                     (APIENTRY *IsConnected)(void);    
        bool                    (APIENTRY *IsDrawingLoadingImage)(void);
        void                     (APIENTRY *Con_NPrintf)(int pos, const char *fmt, ...);
        void                     (APIENTRY *Con_NXPrintf)(const struct con_nprint_s *info, const char *fmt, ...);
        int                     (APIENTRY *Cmd_Argc)(void);    
        const char*                (APIENTRY *Cmd_Argv)(int arg);
        int                     (APIENTRY *IsBoxVisible)(const Vector& mins, const Vector& maxs);
        int                     (APIENTRY *IsBoxInViewCluster)(const Vector& mins, const Vector& maxs);    
        bool                     (APIENTRY *CullBox)(const Vector& mins, const Vector& maxs);
        void                     (APIENTRY *Sound_ExtraUpdate)(void);
        const char*                (APIENTRY *GetGameDirectory)(void);
        const VMatrix&            (APIENTRY *WorldToScreenMatrix)();    
        const VMatrix&            (APIENTRY *WorldToViewMatrix)();
        int                     (APIENTRY *GameLumpVersion)(int lumpId);    
        int                     (APIENTRY *GameLumpSize)(int lumpId);
        bool                     (APIENTRY *LoadGameLump)(int lumpId, void* pBuffer, int size);
        int                     (APIENTRY *LevelLeafCount)();
        ISpatialQuery*            (APIENTRY *GetBSPTreeQuery)();    
        void                     (APIENTRY *LinearToGamma)(float* linear, float* gamma);
        float                     (APIENTRY *LightStyleValue)(int style);
        void                     (APIENTRY *ComputeDynamicLighting)(const Vector& pt, const Vector* pNormal, Vector& color);
        void                     (APIENTRY *GetAmbientLightColor)(Vector& color);
        int                     (APIENTRY *GetDXSupportLevel)();
        bool                     (APIENTRY *SupportsHDR)();
        void                     (APIENTRY *Mat_Stub)(IMaterialSystem *pMatSys);
        const char*                (APIENTRY *GetLevelName)(void);
        struct IVoiceTweak_s*    (APIENTRY *GetVoiceTweakAPI)( void );
        void                     (APIENTRY *EngineStats_BeginFrame)( void );
        void                     (APIENTRY *EngineStats_EndFrame)( void );    
        void                     (APIENTRY *FireEvents)();
        int                     (APIENTRY *GetLeavesArea)(int *pLeaves, int nLeaves);
        bool                     (APIENTRY *DoesBoxTouchAreaFrustum)(const Vector &mins, const Vector &maxs, int iArea);
        void                     (APIENTRY *SetHearingOrigin)(const Vector &vecOrigin, const QAngle &angles);
        int                     (APIENTRY *SentenceGroupPick)( int groupIndex, char *name, int nameBufLen );
        int                     (APIENTRY *SentenceGroupPickSequential)( int groupIndex, char *name, int nameBufLen, int sentenceIndex, int reset );
        int                     (APIENTRY *SentenceIndexFromName)( const char *pSentenceName );
        const char*                (APIENTRY *SentenceNameFromIndex)( int sentenceIndex );
        int                     (APIENTRY *SentenceGroupIndexFromName)( const char *pGroupName );
        const char*                (APIENTRY *SentenceGroupNameFromIndex)( int groupIndex );
        float                     (APIENTRY *SentenceLength)( int sentenceIndex );
        void                     (APIENTRY *ComputeLighting)( const Vector& pt, const Vector* pNormal, bool bClamp, Vector& color, Vector *pBoxColors);
        void                     (APIENTRY *ActivateOccluder)( int nOccluderIndex, bool bActive );
        bool                     (APIENTRY *IsOccluded)( const Vector &vecAbsMins, const Vector &vecAbsMaxs );
        void*                    (APIENTRY *SaveAllocMemory)( size_t num, size_t size );
        void                     (APIENTRY *SaveFreeMemory)( void *pSaveMem );
        INetChannelInfo*        (APIENTRY *GetNetChannelInfo)( void );
        void                     (APIENTRY *DebugDrawPhysCollide)( const CPhysCollide *pCollide, IMaterial *pMaterial, matrix3x4_t& transform, const color32 &color );
        void                     (APIENTRY *CheckPoint)( const char *pName );
        void                     (APIENTRY *DrawPortals)();
        bool                     (APIENTRY *IsPlayingDemo)( void );
        bool                     (APIENTRY *IsRecordingDemo)( void );
        bool                     (APIENTRY *IsPlayingTimeDemo)( void );
        bool                     (APIENTRY *IsPaused)( void );
        bool                     (APIENTRY *IsTakingScreenshot)( void );
        bool                     (APIENTRY *IsHLTV)( void );
        bool                     (APIENTRY *IsLevelMainMenuBackground)( void );
        void                     (APIENTRY *GetMainMenuBackgroundName)( char *dest, int destlen );
        void                     (APIENTRY *SetOcclusionParameters)( const OcclusionParams_t &params );
        void                     (APIENTRY *GetUILanguage)( char *dest, int destlen );
        bool                     (APIENTRY *IsSkyboxVisibleFromPoint)( const Vector &vecPoint );
        const char*                (APIENTRY *GetMapEntitiesString)();
        bool                     (APIENTRY *IsInEditMode)( void );
        float                     (APIENTRY *GetScreenAspectRatio)();
        bool                     (APIENTRY *SteamRefreshLogin)( const char *password, bool isSecure );
        bool                     (APIENTRY *SteamProcessCall)( bool & finished );
        unsigned int            (APIENTRY *GetEngineBuildNumber)();
        const char*                (APIENTRY *GetProductVersionString)();

    Credits: osGb`, Tetsuo, Panzer, Billdoor, Da_BuzZ

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    thank you

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    and why excacly this is posted?? this is @ the sdk , no need to be posted??
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    what? fffff

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    sdk d

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    maybe a different way, lets see

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    Let's see

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