hwid locked? and other questions
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    hwid locked? and other questions

    I was wondering if this is hwid locked. If it is can i change it, im asking because im getting a new computer for christmas but want to play on the one i have now. MY ip will not change.

    Also is their a legit setting for this hack? (css)

    And is it really 30gdp for 12 years? or months.

    when was last css detection?

    Posted in wrong section before.

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    Our hacks are not hwid locked, Instead it monitors and logs connections in various ways.
    You login using your username and password then you are free to use them on as many PCs in your home network as you want
    Limit of one PC injected at a time, otherwise the anti leak may ban you.

    You can upgrade below.. The prices / time frames are listed in the drop down box.
    The amounts vary for different currency's..http://project-7.net/forum/payments.php

    I believe the hacks were updated just the other day.. Not 100% sure as I don't currently play css.
    Let me know if you require any more info or assistance once you upgrade to vip.

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    Moved to pre-purchase questions.

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