Questions before buying
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    Questions before buying

    Ok Before buying, I would like to know :

    1) What is the last p-7 detection (please be honest)
    2) Why P-7 have a bad reputation ? (Backdoor, riped source,...)

    I already have bought project-7 long time ago and I was very satisfied but I would like to know.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakara_h4x View Post

    1) What is the last p-7 detection (please be honest) VAC2 Secure but no risk no fun ;)
    2) Why P-7 have a bad reputation ? (Backdoor, riped source,...) Because the others ( Venom , takedown etc.) are just jealousy ;)

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    1. Honestly, I don't know the last date. There is always a risk and will always be a risk, if you aren't willing to risk a ban then don't cheat. Any cheat provider that guarantees you will not ever get banned is lying.
    There is NO malware/botnets/viruses in ANY P7 public, private or other software as long as it is released on this site.
    If you downloaded a "cracked" P7 from YouTube chances are you are keylogged/ratted.
    P7 Loader had some sort of anti virus detection as like !PEInjector so apparently that's a botnet? it's a damned DLL injector, anti viruses generically detect them as malware.
    P7 public cheats since 2006 have had over 1,000,000 downloads globally (an old release thread here had alone 500k views)
    This whole rumor is literally jealous kids trying to hate, it started back in 2007. A guy called Rompope aka "hexpope" (see epic thread section for more info...) asked me on Ventrilo if I could code him a FUD(un******** by anti virus) downloader .DLL for money.
    I took the job and sent him the source code.

    A few days later a post was made by v3n0m4 @ Royalhack which included my public ESP source code(publicly down-loadable from the source code area) integrated with the code that I wrote for Rompope. They claimed it was a stolen source from my computer or some other shit, which is completely untrue. My computers security has NEVER been breached.
    These two losers claimed that I put botnet downloaders in my hacks so i could get bots for my botnet and steal steam accounts.
    That should answer your second question adequately and I hope someone can give you a more informative response to your first question.

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