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    hi p7,
    if one of your hacks is ******** and you done something like code changing and you think its un********, how do you know that its realy un********?

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    Jest test it with a Steamaccount ;)

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    lol ... are you all testing alway your hack with an orginal acc? and you became scared to get banned?

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    Become banned vac have you if scared to using the cheatens?? :) rofl

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    cool english ... xD
    why do you want to risk a validate account?
    is it really necessary to test a new hack with an orginal account?

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    Do you think the accs are buyed? :D
    They are stolen, I think...

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    lol how2 steal ... keylogger ... maybe they know howto go in vac servers with a fake acc ^^

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