View Full Version : It makez me lulz..

20th March 2008, 09:29
What can i say?

It's a great hack..

The new configs that are loaded into it are great..

Especially t0nys... (His vec/legit are outstanding)

Its a great all around hack..

Especially for the price....

Plus, there is no worry about being VAC'D
And, Fum1n is always on top of everything.

The hack gets an update every 2-3 days.

Its honestly amazing...

I love playing legit with this hack...

went like 45 and 15 early today (<- LEGIT!) with psp4ever in the room.

4 some reason, psp raged the crap out of everyone and then left :D
But, Really.. Don't take my word for it..

Get off your lazy ass and buy.....

20th March 2008, 09:31
LOL i tried playing legit but after i died im like fuck this and i turn on T0ny's leeb rage with little speed and rape em all and leave...very very good hack.

20th March 2008, 12:43
lulz legit is sexy just wish p7 had more legit functions :P

20th March 2008, 13:02