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4th August 2008, 22:14
right, so ive used the public release (3.5), yes it is good i have to admit, but im worried about the hack vs hack aspect of p7, recently went on a hack server, and got my ass handed to me, 1 kill to 10 deaths, i found myself being headshot'd instantly before i even saw the player targeting me. After spectating him, i saw his view was upside down, and he was spinning constantly. I was just wondering how these features effected my targeting of him(obviously made it a lot harder for me to kill him), and if p7(private, latest version) includes these features or similar.

4th August 2008, 22:28
vip = way better than pub

4th August 2008, 22:29
u even had anti aim on? lol VIP WAYYY bettar than pub

4th August 2008, 22:30
yep, anti aim on, vector set to 240(default). i may consider purchasing the private version. its not much, im just doing my research before choosing the hack best suited to me ;)

4th August 2008, 23:16
u cant set it up then

5th August 2008, 14:59
hmm, has anyone ever been VAC banned by using p7 VIP? or more to the point, are you so sure of its quality that you use it with your own account on VAC servers?

5th August 2008, 16:58

5th August 2008, 21:11
Just some false bans where people trying to get some for free.

6th August 2008, 21:01
VIP fecking owns in hack vs hack, it is also great for raging and for legit. I have been using the hack for coming up on a month now and I wouldn't use anything else.

I think you need to take a look at your setup on the pub version because I used to use that until a couple of weeks ago and it still owned!

6th August 2008, 23:58
heh >.< i was up against a lot of VIP hack's i guess. they really did rape... and it looks like ill be purchasing VIP, money transfering to paypal atm >.<

7th August 2008, 11:29
P7 owns...period