View Full Version : Forum Updates (Ads + V.I.P. Reduction)

13th November 2008, 23:35
Hello, I would like to take the time to inform you of some changes that have been made to the forum.

Google Ad Sense Advertisements have been put into place around the forums to generate extra revenue.

Because of this extra revenue, we are able to lower V.I.P. Subscription prices:

1 Month Was: 17.99 Now: 14.99
3 Month Was: 34.99 Now: 29.99
6 Month Was: 47.99 Now: 44.99
Lifetime Was: 79.99 Now: 74.99

Depending on how successful the advertisement system is, prices may be lowered further, all of you have a good click up on the ads.

Registered and non V.I.P users will see adds on the first 3 posts in every topic and on the bottom of the forum.

V.I.P. users and Admins do not see any advertisements, so that's another benefit of becoming a V.I.P.

We're also tweaking some server software, We recently installed memcached but it's giving us a few problems so we may be changing a few things around, if the site is unreachable or you receive a MySQL Error don't worry it will be fixed as soon as possible. We have also increased the efficiency of the anti ddos protection on the server.

13th November 2008, 23:37
Very nice, sir!

13th November 2008, 23:37
Oh yeah this is awsome, now i can buy lifetime once my time expires XD

14th November 2008, 00:55
Awesome! Clicking ads now! Maybe I'll buy VIP if it gets reduced a bit more. My limit is only $65 :(

14th November 2008, 01:42
Nice, the prices are very low now and I hope it will increase the sales. At first I thought those advertisements were boring, but now they seem nice that they actually benefit for the Project-7.net community. Thanks slabhouse!

14th November 2008, 02:51
I just don't want to purchase 6 months and when it runs out and I want to keep on using it, I have no money for it :(
I've got around $70 in my PayPal

14th November 2008, 04:23
Get 5 more, problem solved.

15th November 2008, 02:15
I got no credit card though, I got that $70 from selling an old steam account. I'll try to gather some up :)
Really want this.

18th November 2008, 08:29
You can purchase a pre paid credit card or make a non-us unverified paypal.