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2nd July 2020, 23:38
Project-7 proudly presents some of our highest quality of coding to date. A Hybrid between the ring3 and ring0 area in your virtual ram allows us to Cheat UNDETECTED like never before!



Buy Now *Instant Access* (https://project-7.net/forum/payments.php)

Project-7 ULTRA Features:


[*=left]​Aim lock
[*=left]Aim bone selection
[*=left]Aimbot smoothing selection
[*=left]Field of View [FOV] limit selection
[*=left]Cycle between selected bones [hitscan]
[*=left]Recoil-Control System [RCS]
[*=left]Disable aimbot on mouse1 click
[*=left]Trigger Bot 2.0 - Total Overhaul of Triggerbot system, now with an option to shoot through smoke, windows and more!
[*=left]Weapon configs

[*=left]Sniper check
[*=left]Pistol check
[*=left]Rifle check

[*=left] Aim Type

Value : 0 - Ray Tracing Aimbot (Aimbot will activate once you have passed over an enemy)
Value : 1 - Field Of View Aimbot (Aimbot uses a pre-determined FOV to find targets)
Value : 2 - No Checks (This mode is designed to be used in conjunction with an aimbot hotkey so you can scan for players behind walls or objects, you hold the key and if your mouse moves you will know roughly where the player is depending on the direction your mouse has moved)


[*=left]​Box ESP
[*=left]Name ESP
[*=left]Chams ESP + color customisation
[*=left]Offscreen ESP (roughly shows position of enemies that are behind you; out of your view)
[*=left]Crosshair + Visual recoil assistance [VRA]
[*=left]Bomb being defused notification
[*=left]Show active hotkeys
[*=left]Line ESP
[*=left]Toggle ESP on key


[*=left]​Sound ESP [directional sonar-like beeping]
[*=left]​LAN mode

*Coming soon*

[*=left]User Leaderboards - See who's the best ULTRA Player.
[*=left]Upload Community stats
[*=left]Lurk Community stats
[*=left]Shared ESP (See enemies from further distances)
[*=left]Anti-OBS (Stream and video proof visuals)
[*=left]Expanded anti-cheat support
[*=left]and more+++


Windows 7/8/10 x32/x64

Buy Now *Instant Access* (https://www.project-7.net/forum/payments.php?referrerid=91018)

ULTRA is a Modular cheat with an advanced ring0-ring3 dual framework. Finally the full engine of the cheat is done and it is available for early access purchase here: *PURCHASE* (https://www.project-7.net/forum/payments.php?referrerid=91018)
Project-7 CS GO cheats Project Ultra sports Full support for ESEA & FaceIT + Guaranteed VAC security. Project Ultra introduces also an industry-leading feature called BCOS - Bootable Cheating Operating System
When you purchase you also get a USB copy of the software while stocks are available.

USB Design


Buy Now *Instant Access* (https://www.project-7.net/forum/payments.php?referrerid=91018)

Now here are some streams, videos and screenshots of testing the early versions of Ultra online in competitive mode


More details, media available soon!!

As we pass through the early access and almost have reached the finalisation of our software, I'd like to share with you the newest USB design I've just received via shipment.

Buy Now *Instant Access* (https://www.project-7.net/forum/payments.php?referrerid=91018)

USB's . Stickers & Merchandise also included while available!

All written information regarding this membership and the software you gain access to upon purchasing is informative and we will not take responsibility if some parts don't match up with the live product, considering this is an early access product you're purchasing.
The software is also provided "as is", meaning no updates, features, etc... necessarily have to get added and/or released. We are, however, trying our best to keep everyone happy.

More Information can be found on Ultra's official site! http://www.project-ultra.net/

Thanks from Josh (https://www.project-7.net/forum/member.php?1-Josh), DIV7NE (https://www.project-7.net/forum/member.php?91018-DIV7NE), splixer (https://www.project-7.net/forum/member.php?171159-splixer), AlexRodriguez (https://www.project-7.net/forum/member.php?157655-AlexRodriguez), PassatDrop (https://www.project-7.net/forum/member.php?100507-PassatDrop), Asta (https://www.project-7.net/forum/member.php?95102-Asta) and Ivan (https://www.project-7.net/forum/member.php?13488-Ivan) & Every concurrent Alpha customer of Ultra!
See you in the Ultra Member Area (https://www.project-7.net/forum/payments.php?referrerid=91018)

Our Ultra software is only available as part of forum access Ultra Membership, offered exclusively on Project-7.net - This software is not available or sold seperately.
Limited Offer (https://www.project-7.net/forum/payments.php?referrerid=91018)

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