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  1. [Legit]-[Config/Settings] for EVOLAN & EVOLU7ION [English/German]

    Quote Originally Posted by Bushwick View Post
    Hello Community,
    I've prepared some LEGIT CONFIG's for newcomers to Project 7.

    It should help you get into MM (or other) legally without taking a big loss from the cheat.

    The configs are divided into LEGIT and ULTRA LEGIT.
    Of course, the Fresh Settings are also given.


  2. Project-7 | Customer Review by Bushwick [English/German]

    Quote Originally Posted by Bushwick View Post
    Hey community and future P7 users,
    In search of the right cheat, I stumbled across many publishers who promised a lot but could not stick to their own rules in retrospect. Last but not least, I came across project-7. Due to the many negative comments around November 2018, I did not do anything at first and did not buy this cheat, then I jumped over my shadow this year and bought this cheat.
    I use the cheat for a few days in the endurance test and would like to send you my REVIEW!

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