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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by kNiFE1337 View Post
    Newst version of EVOlan doesnt work for me.
    hi mate good afternoon.

    please read up.

    evolan will be available tonight, we're on final testing stages
    Hello Josh
    Can U tell me when The normal one will be up or if it allready is ?
    Would be cool to know
    One more question , do you guys have like a fake esport team like unity has 2k or leaguecheats have nativeElite ?

    Have a nice day and keep on doing such a great work
  2. Project-7 CSGO Cheats testimonial from a very wise member!

    by , 1st August 2016 at 10:17 (Project-7 CSGO Cheats)
    Quote Originally Posted by 00700 View Post
    The best legit cheat on market. Designed for 3 months, no more.

    • Why is it only for 3 months & why is it the best?

    Project-7 is unique, unlike other cheat providers. All cheat providers other than P7 offer you a feature "rich" cheat which includes RCS "Recoil Control System" a synonym for "No recoil" designed to make it sound good & legit. It sounds really cool at first since you'll be a god at spraying in game with almost any gun,

    Good evening, I have just paid one month of subscription for Project-7 cheat,

    This is working great in FaceIt client and i got to level 10 today, thanks guys.

    Updated 3rd October 2017 at 11:51 by Josh

  4. ULTRA Era!


    It's not great, I haven't edited for a good couple of months, but here's what I achieved with ULTRA!

    Updated 8th January 2019 at 12:07 by Josh

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  5. Project-7 | Customer Review by Bushwick [English/German]

    Quote Originally Posted by Bushwick View Post
    Hey community and future P7 users,
    In search of the right cheat, I stumbled across many publishers who promised a lot but could not stick to their own rules in retrospect. Last but not least, I came across project-7. Due to the many negative comments around November 2018, I did not do anything at first and did not buy this cheat, then I jumped over my shadow this year and bought this cheat.
    I use the cheat for a few days in the endurance test and would like to send you my REVIEW!
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