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Major updates for Premium Users and state of development!

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Hi guys,

we have worked hard this saturday, and both our cheats have been updated hard.
Triggerbot is fully functional in BOTH cheat applications.
We added a function to disable Triggerbot if you are flashed with a toggle.
We also added disable all features toggle - like a panic mode.

New updates will be coming soon, we are currently working on providing you info about enemy players (money, rank, K/D) and possibly an engine chams (glow).
We are also considering adding a no-recoil Triggerbot and possibly an aimbot in the future.

So far, we are very happy that we are completely undetected from VAC, ESEA, ESL, Faceit, CEVO, SMAC and other minor anti-cheats ever since release.
Yes, that is right, we are 100% secure for over 16 months now.

There have been numerous VAC ban waves (huge waves) and we are proud to say that Project-7 was NEVER detected in those periods where all other cheat providers have been detected.

Thank you for all your support guys! Without you, this would not be possible!

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