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Project-7 CSGO Cheats testimonial from a very wise member!

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The best legit cheat on market. Designed for 3 months, no more.

  • Why is it only for 3 months & why is it the best?

Project-7 is unique, unlike other cheat providers. All cheat providers other than P7 offer you a feature "rich" cheat which includes RCS "Recoil Control System" a synonym for "No recoil" designed to make it sound good & legit. It sounds really cool at first since you'll be a god at spraying in game with almost any gun, I've used Unity, AW, iwebz & other cheat providers, they were all the same. All of them are basically drugs. The second you buy them you're done, you'll be stuck in buying the cheat over and over and you won't be able to stop. It's a trap, an infinite loop. Let's talk about their "RCS", why is it called RCS? Simply because you can customise how hard/legit/un-legit you'd like the spray to be... The first time you try it, without any warning suddenly you are headshotting everyone and getting chemicals released in your brain. It'll make you feel like you're good at this game and finally can do something. It works biologically like a drug similar to amphetamine or cocaine. It edits how you play this game because you'll gain FAKE confidence. It edits your gameplay, changes your viewangles, you'll be so confident that you think you could win any fight & when ever you lose what happens? You RAGE & search for better settings. Just like a drug you won't be able to stop you'll want more. When you stop playing the game for just a short amount of time because of that short month that you used the cheat for, you already forgot how to aim, how to spray, all your ********* is gone based off your confidence. Now you're stuck forever in the loop, you'll buy the cheat over and over without stopping, the cheat provider has now SCAMMED you without you even noticing it.

Back to P7, there is NO RCS offered, instead they offer a REAL system that is designed to assist you and teach you how to spray which is called VRA "Visual Recoil Assistant"; How it looks like (VRA)
Within 1 month, you'll already see a huge improvement, after 3 months your spray will be PERFECT. VRA is designed to show you where the bullets are going which means you'll have to control the recoil yourself no RCS! As you can see in the picture it's the most efficient system. Your *********, viewangles, gameplay will all stay the same because you're controlling the spray yourself. YOU're learning how to spray with a small assistance which is designed for only 3 months... The only reason why you have to pay is to protect the cheat, the security/detection of the cheat, you're also supporting the owners. It is undetected on ESEA, CEVO, Faceit & all other anti-cheats, will you ever find that for free? The answer is NO.

TL;DR No RCS aka no recoil; edits your gameplay, viewangles. Designed such as a drug so you'll always buy it non-stop. P-7 offers VRA which is designed to teach you how to spray, won't edit your gameplay at all, you'll have to spray yourself with an assistant. You won't need the cheat after 3 months cause you'll be able to control the spray perfectly. Worth it.

EVOLan Review;

  • Human Triggerbot: Hits almost every single shot according to how you customise it, can be switched between automatic and on-key;
  • PreFireDelay: Delay before the first shot in MS, up to you, works perfectly! Really good to make you look legit!
  • AfterFireDelay: Delay after each shot, works as intented! Useful when using a deagle to be sure to hit all the shots and other guns.
  • RandomDelay: A random delay that you can enable to prevent anti-cheats (such as faceit) from being able to detect your triggerbot, you'll look legit & professional!
  • MaxBurst: Maximum amount of shots before the triggerbot stops shooting itself. Works perfectly, still in BETA!
  • SniperOnly: Will only work with sniper, perfect.
  • UnloadEnabled: Simply hit a button to unload the cheat, works perfectly.

Evolu7ion Framework Review;

  • Visual Features: It works perfectly, all the features are working perfectly.
  • Removals: Removes smokes & flashes, really cool feature but way too obvious.
  • Legit Play Assistant: VRA, Trigger bot (6 Modes!), this is the best part of the cheat. Works perfectly and is undetected!
  • Other/Visuals: You can customise your crosshair and some other things, cool features.

TL;DR Both work perfectly. Amazing, no words.

* If you use visuals on ESEA, do not be obvious or suspicious at all cause if an admin suspects you, expect a ban.
* THE CHEAT is not detected at all and it hasn't been detect for almost 2 years. You can run it any time ESEA does not detect it neither cevo, faceit and a lot others. You're safer with P7 than any other cheat.

* Special thanks to Josh aka fum1n
* I WAS NOT PAID to do this review at all, I took my own time to show you how other providers are scamming you compared to Project-7.

* The support is the best I have ever seen, have you ever seen an admin himself speaking to you over skype & responding with good morning and taking his time to explain everything to you? NO! Only Project-7 offers that, 100/10 support. It's also 24/7!

Thanks for reading my testimonial!

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