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Quote Originally Posted by nirgorp
Once again project-7 beats the competetion with its advanced legit aimbot that was added for 2018 with there newest weekly updates, now you have visual cheats, recoil cheat, anti recoil , esp, sound radar, sound hack, full menu and GUI and much more included plus 2 software for such a low price wow this site has the best legit cheats i have been able to find on the internet. CSGO is amazingly fun again now im getting atleast 3:1 kdr in faceit client matches
Is P7 working on faceit client? Yes there CSGO cheats are working in FaceIt Client.

Updated 26th January 2018 at 15:43 by Josh

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  1. filipzapletalcs's Avatar
    Hello, can u send me your Faceit config please? :)
  2. Josh's Avatar
    Yes our premium csgo cheats are all working in FaceIt client and server.
  3. crgojh's Avatar
  4. brandveilig's Avatar
    FACEIT IS THE SHIZZ! Eden Treino Canino
  5. wasistoktayyx's Avatar
    Is it still Working in 2019 With the 25 with Faceit client ?
  6. besstshastny's Avatar
    its not working

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