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Project-7 | Customer Review by Bushwick [English/German]

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Hey community and future P7 users,
In search of the right cheat, I stumbled across many publishers who promised a lot but could not stick to their own rules in retrospect. Last but not least, I came across project-7. Due to the many negative comments around November 2018, I did not do anything at first and did not buy this cheat, then I jumped over my shadow this year and bought this cheat.
I use the cheat for a few days in the endurance test and would like to send you my REVIEW!

My first insights from the forum were a bit negative. It was a bit confusing for me and the first thing I found was the confusing reviews of some USER. Since I had no desire to identify the bad English, I continued to look and discovered the Free User Section, with a lot of negative has failed or just dusted by posts that are several years old. After a few minutes gewöhnunsphasen I could (unmistakably) find the buy button which led me directly to the purchase of the cheat. Here, I wanted to first look at the features of the cheat me. Of course I only found this after clicking on the buy button. The features list is very clear and understandable.
- initially confusing
- Many negative comments from FREEUSERN
- too few reviews from the users
- Very monotonous
- Quick find of the purchase button
- FreeUser section a bit dusty
- Feature list very clear and understandable.

Team / Community / Social Media:

When I looked around in the forum, I heard directly, as Premium USER is the premium section unlocked.
This will allow you to download the cheat and chat with other premium users as well as share settings or tips.
The team also offers a HELP SECTION for the premium users, if they have problems with the cheat or something else.
So far I have been able to say that the premium community is very nice, just like the TEAM of Project-7. After some lengthy searches, I also found
the Project-7 in Facebook, Twitter and Youtube is active, which of course makes me very happy. Unfortunately there is a minus that Project 7 does not offer its own Teamspeak server or Discord server to the users. (If available, I apologize and would change this later.
- Sufficient support from the team
- Communicative community
- Nice community
- Sufficient help outside the helpsection
- Negative FreeUser (HATER)
- Facebook available
- Youtube available
- Twitter available
- NO TS³ or Discord available!

The product:
Now it was time that I take a closer look at the product.
For one month I pay 24.95 € [about 30 ~ 31 days], for 10 weeks [70 days] I pay 39.99 € and for one year 99.95 €.
There is a positive point. The year offer is extremely favorable for such a cheat. However, I have decided for the 10 weeks since
they are really priced for 40 € every 70 days (quasi 2 months +). At first I had a few problems with the system of the cheat, but after
I already had some experiments on it and can now assert myself as a professional: D. The cheat is undetected in 2006 which gives this cheat a big plus point.
He unfortunately has very few features what gives him a few - points, because no RAGE settings are possible. When I adjusted everything to my liking, I played the first round MM and was able to see how well the AIMBOT and the Trigger Bot are running. I am extremely pleased with the settings and have not noticed as Legit Cheater in the last 20 matches. Of course I had some moment when the Aimbot focused someone through the Smoke and I killed him, but this was always as luck of the opposing team as well as my interrogation. I am very glad that I found this cheat. In addition, there is a big plus for the cheat as it is possible to use it in FACEIT, ESEA, etc. Whereby my FaceIT test will be uploaded next week.
- Good protection (undetected since 2006)
- Little feature
- The features run smoothly, there is no FAULT !!!!
- Settings are freely adjustable, ingame as well as .txt (Settingfile)
- Complicated start with the cheat
- Value for money is good.
Aimbot / Trigger:
- no jerking
- If the bone is set correctly, it will also be fixed exactly.
- Trigger sometimes a bit too fast (settings conditionally)
- Trigger still works fine and hardly any problems
- Appears only when needed.
- ESP is a FEATURE which I actually do not use, so it lacks REVIEW on this page.


Summary / Conclusion / Overview:

Forum: 5.8/10
Team/Community/Socialmedia: 9.2/10
Product (): 9.8/10

Price-performance ratio (): 10/10
Value for money will be treated separately in the evaluation
Preisleistungsverhältnis wird gesondert bei der Bewertung behandelt

Overall result (): 8,7/10

Overall, I'm very pleased with the cheat, as well as the community, the forum could be a little friendlier.
(As soon as the homepage (FrontPage) is finished, I might let myself be changed)

I'm sorry for my bad English.

I am very grateful to this community for being part of it. I hope that one day we will get more positive results from users.


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