Question : MSN - Firefox

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    Question : MSN - Firefox

    hi , when i use MSN and i want to check my hotmail and i press at logo at top of msn , the mailbox opens in internet explorer and i want it in firefox , what do i have to do??

    delete Internet explorer? how?


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  3. i deleted IE, now the link in MSn doesnt work anymore but that isnt a problem..

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    its obvious that microsoft only wants to have it opened with IE. wouldnt you do the same?

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    no. a lot of people use Firefox :) Fumin does too :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zєяo View Post
    no. a lot of people use Firefox :) Fumin does too :)
    lol iam using firefox too. i mean if i were Gates i wouldnt allow my msn users to open it with fox.

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    yeah your right ;) smart-boy :D

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    Firefox rulez!! It is so much better than IE.

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    Yes ofcourse , Internet Explorer is too "basic"

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    Yea, you can do so much more on Fox than you can with IE.
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