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Thread: twisted sig

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    twisted sig

    render no face just a back with needles in it , BUT

    I love this sig everything matches so good on it :P


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    lol?!? i worked hard on that why should i put your name on it??!? but i guess i can <3

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    there but make sure to credit me

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    Pretty damn sexy

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    I got the same font on where it says Sm0ked. :D

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    thanks tox, and yea i loved the urban txt

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    I have so many fonts I've lost track I just look around until I see one that fits my needs lol....I think I have about...400-600 :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sm0ked View Post
    thanks tox, and yea i loved the urban txt
    I'm hypnotized by your current signature .... must stop watching boobs...


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    Man that's cool

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