[Official] Project-7.net Office Skins

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    [Official] Project-7.net Office Skins

    Hi P7,
    I have some cool office models made and want share them with you :p
    Tell me want do you think. I used pictures from the homepage and some avatars :) . Dont be offended when your avatars ist in the models. I cant use all avatars and some are gifs and I can take gifs for the models so stay cool ;).

    Here are some of the first models:

    Here the download link:
    *Hidden Content: Please reply to the thread to unlock the content.*

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    i see my new sig there, and a duck lul

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    nais job

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    good job m8

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    Gj mate

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    Damn fine job love the computer screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by hermit92 View Post
    Damn fine job love the computer screen
    :p ty @ all

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  10. Oh no.
    This duckie is so cute.

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