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Thread: Bioshock!

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    Bioshock has been released!

    Is anyone ready play the game? I've played the demo and it's amazing! You can light shit on fire electrocute people hack bots with machine guns on them. Only problem is that you need a decent PC to play.


    Extract the attached files into your steamapps folder and restart steam! This will allow you get the demo very easily.
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    yea i played it today very nice game ^^

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    That game is so funny :cool:

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    It's weird, it's based on characters from the 50's-60's and you see these robots walking with these possessed little girls.

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    yea.. that game ownzzzz.. i bought it for the 360 the day it came out.. wow its an awesome game... haven't found a single player game that has kept me sunk into the gameplay / story like this since zelda:OoT... GET IT NOW!!! :D

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    Is anyone intrested in hacks to this game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TURiOL View Post
    Is anyone intrested in hacks to this game?
    are you thinking what I'm thinking? :)

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