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    Question Fraps

    hey, following problem

    everytime im recording a video it is too big ,everytime!

    my last and very important video is 2.49mins long and 256mb huge.

    how can i send this shit to my friend?

    or change the fraps setting that it isnt too huge?

    the special video is 256mb huge
    and recored without sounds and with 12fps at half size.

    but still to huge.

    how do you guys record your Ragevideos that it isnt too huge??

    plz help me

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    convert the demo in DivX than is your video many smaler.

    the softwre find you here:

    Dr.DivX (free converter - no DivX player)

    DivX Player 6.7

    DivX Codec 6.8

    DivX Webplayer

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    edit them in windows movie maker.

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    lol fraps is gay with me don't record a damn shit...

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    thanks guys

    edit: hey luckyman your post helped me much -.-

    thanks im using the movie maker now.
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    Just lower the frame rate, that helps me

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    My problem isn't the same but I do have a problem, it used to record sound but when i do it it just picks up my outside noise

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